List of Selected Projects

Eight interconnected lakes with recirculation, aeration and fountain jet systems.

Waterfalls, streams, lakes and fountains - some designed for Koi.

Swimming pools, waterfalls and lake water features.

Seven interconnected lakes, waterfalls, fountain systems.

Three lake water features with waterfalls in large residential development.

Major lake water feature with waterfalls and provisions for fish and aquatic plant material.

Major hotel/retail courtyard waterfalls and lake water feature.

Major waterfall water feature in retail center.

Major waterfalls/lake water feature in resort development.

Resort swim lagoon with waterfalls.

Feasibility study and design for 10 acre lake.

Aeration and ozone injection system in swim lagoon (lagoon water fed by both drainage water from Los Angeles and tidal flux). Construction to start as funds become available.

Waterfalls and lake water feature at entrance to sales headquarters.

16 acre lake (70 ft. max. depth) aeration system.

Interconnected lakes and waterfalls with largest lakes under aeration system.

Three major water features including fountain and two waterfalls (both waterfalls close to 3 storeys in height - one inside of lobby).

Lake, waterfall and fountain jet system at major residential development.

Lakes with waterfalls at major commercial/office development.

Interconnected streams, waterfalls and pond in hotel courtyard.

Multiple major lakes interconnected by streams with cascades and waterfalls.

Outdoor swimming pool with interconnected waterfalls for recreation center.

300 ft. long water slide built into side of mountain. Slide empties into recreation lake.

Two interconnected ponds with major waterfall. Ponds were designed for fishing by tigers.

Three exterior fountains.

16 interconnected lakes, cascades and streams with 11 waterfalls for 18 hole golf course.

5,000 sq. ft swimming pool, 2,000 sq. ft. splash pool, two water slides, two, 8-person spas and five waterfall/cascade systems.

Stromatolite, Bubbling Mud, Charophyte and Cretaceous Waterfall pools and Carboniferous Swamp for Evolution House Project.

Major entry fountain (200 ft. long) and minor fountain at office building.

Statuary fountain for city hall entry.

Interconnected lake system with waterfalls and cascade for irrigation lake.

Five interconnected major lakes with waterfalls and aeration.

Entrance fountain featuring northern hemisphere with centre sculpture surrounded by fibre optic and LED lighting, fog system and fountain jets.

Four interconnected lakes to provide irrigation water and wet land habitat; wetland mitigation; and mountain stream/spring water interception and storage system. Delayed Construction.

Commercial size swimming pool, 6-person spa, chilled water trout stream, fog system for orchid growing, interior lily pond, waterfalls off side of mountain into ponds below, waterfalls into swimming pool and spa. Delayed Construction.

Main entry fountain controlled by computer system via custom designed programme. Elements include 86 ft. circular weir, clear stream jets, major cascade jet, boiling (turbulent water) effect at base of inverted, truncated cone shaped bottom and underwater lighting.

1 1/2 acre reflecting pool, waterfalls, 7 fountains (one of which is animated via computer control), underwater lighting, fog systems, chemical injection systems, and 16 fog towers.

Touring exhibit displaying Chrysler Jeep at various auto shows. Jeep is viewed as crossing a mountain stream with water flowing out from under it and falling 6' ­ 8' into a pool below. Jeep can be raised or lowered on a hydraulic lift, thus changing height of waterfalls.

Two fountains at major entry and one in the interior. Weir-type fountains constructed of concrete and tile with underwater halogen lighting.

Commercial koi pond with waterfalls, underwater lighting, vacuum system, and backwashable bio filters.

Restoration of three lakes interconnected via cascades. Project included aquatic plant material. One lake was designed for practice casting.

Relief map of Stanislaus County in bronze and black granite. Flowing water over parts of map. Flog provided to replicate tule fog and fibre optic lighting to make map appear to float at night. Relief map concept by Sculptors Barbara McCarren and Jud Fine.

Replication of a tidal blowhole. Concept by Sculptors Barbara McCarren and Jud Fine.

Water feature designed as a volcano. Heavy fog produced above caldera, gas injected into fog and ignited and resulting lava flow accomplished through fibre optics. Events enhanced with sound system.

Replication of tide pool. Concept by RRM Design Group of San Luis Obispo, CA.

Swimming pool, spa and three rockwork waterfalls with upper and lower pools and underwater lighting. Swimming pool and spa fabricated from aluminum and installed on top of parking structure. Two waterfall systems located inside casino and one outside at main entry. Outside system provided with freeze protection.

1,000 sq. ft. swimming pool, 4,300 sq. ft. recreation pool with two tube-type water slides and two open flume water slides, six, 6-person spas, waterfalls and fountains at destination resort. Equipment control provided through two story central control complex (two below grade pump, filtration, chemical injection and electrical control equipment rooms with heaters in a third room on second floor. Concept by T.S. Voelker Architecture, Irvine, CA.

Sculptural fountain incorporating embedded fibre optic lighting under sheet flow water effect which highlights both sheet flow and water falling from overhead bronze sculpture. Concept by RRM Design Group of San Luis Obispo, CA.

Six position men's spa, thirteen position women's spa, reception area waterfall wall, exterior fountain and two interior fountains. Concept by T.S. Voelker Architecture of Irvine, CA.

Interactive pop-jet fountain located in Fullerton's downtown civic plaza. Project consists of computer controlled, random action pop-jets enhanced by fibre optic lighting and fog. Custom pre-cast tiles provide openings for pop-jet nozzles, fibre optic lights and fog nozzles. Vandal-resistant nozzles and lights, as well as their connecting lines, are completely removable for servicing or replacement.

Water injection via multiple rows of small holes through and near top of granite slabs producing wet wall effect. Concept by Carrier Johnson of San Diego, CA.

Interactive pop-jet fountain located in Santa Rosa's Gateway Park. Project consists of computer controlled, random action pop-jets enhanced by under-deck halogen lighting. Concept by RRM Design Group of Healdsburg, CA.

Fountain consisting of an upper and lower water basin connected by a cascade (stepped waterfall). A stylized cross rises from upper basin and is surrounded by water jets. Halogen lighting is used both above and below water to accent cross, jets and face of cascade. Concept by David A. Price Architects, Inc. of Tustin, CA.

Project consists of: 2,750 sq. ft. swimming pool with halogen lighting and salt chlorination; six person spa located inside swimming pool (accessed by bridge) with aerated jets at neck, back and leg positions, halogen lighting and salt chlorination; children's wading pool with surrounding, computer controlled, random action pop-jets, side emission fibre optic lighting and salt chlorination; 7,700 sq. ft. reflecting pond; multi-layer entrance fountain (in motor court); and entrance reflecting pool with flush, low angle, side-mounted jets, halogen lighting and ozone injection system. Project architect: Design West Architecture of Boulder, CO.

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