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At the base of the hemisphere, and just above water line, is a fog manifold providing an envelope of fog which rides up on the downward moving sheet of water. The hemisphere is penetrated from the inside with end-emission optic fibres which provide a spot of light for each city, or metropolitan area, of 200,000 people or more, in the northern hemisphere. The undulating flow of water over each spot of light causes it to appear to vary in intensity. The optic fiber illuminator together with all optic fibre cables, color changer and various other controls are installed within the hemisphere. The balance of equipment is located remotely, less than 100 ft. away.

The basic idea was to provide a sense of how the northern hemisphere might look at night viewed from space through swirling cloud cover.

The fountain succeeded beyond everyone's dreams. People came from all over just to look at it. Some times they came by the bus load. They even took pictures of each other standing next to it. The casino owners noted that while the people came to look at the fountain they were not staying to gamble; and replaced the fountain with slot machines.

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